What I have built
  • Improved the mail translation for 163 mail by splitting the email threads.
  • Redesigned and implemented the frontend of Netease Microblog with @__pw__ @yuanzu @tangqiaoboy
  • A web game built with Dart in a hackthon at Google with @sly9 @Etrnls @Taoqin
  • Designed and implemented the first version of Youdao Note
  • Designed and implemented log collecting and analysis server and censorship server (Yes, I did it and I am ashamed of it.) for Netease Microblog
  • Built an app to check PM2.5 in Beijing, got hundreds of daily active users.
  • Built an app to help people prepare driver's license written test, got thousands daily active users. Paying this domain with money made from this app.